Cyril Thomas

Police Criminologist and Terrorism Researcher

I am Cyril Thomas, criminologist, and terrorism researcher specializing in law enforcement and terrorism studies. Currently working on various projects in terrorism, law enforcement ethics and challenges, PTSD and post offensive behaviour in profiling.


 My research and studies are primarily based on criminological research and terrorism studies. 

 Three major areas of my research are Law Enforcement Research which encompass police subculture to law enforcement challenges. Criminological Research cover a wide range of subjects including investigative support, criminal interrogative strategies, and post offensive behaviour. Under Terrorism Studies, the emphasis is on religiously motivated terrorism.





Nice One Cyril

I still enjoy the song "Nice One Cyril" which is a song dedicated to the English footballer Cyril Knowles, who was the left back played Tottenham Football Club. The single performed by Cockerel Chorus written by Harold Spiro and Helen Clarke. The song was released before the 1973 Football League Cup Final where Tottenham played Norwich City. where it reached No. 14 on the British single chart after Tottenham's victory. The song writers received an Ivor Novello Award, named after the famous Welsh composer and actor, for Best Novel or Unusual Song in 1974.
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I am currently working on a few projects on religious terrorism and the law enforcement strategies. Which includes developing a manual for hostage negotiators in dealing with religious terrorists, which not only encompass barricaded situations and crisis intervention but post crisis management too.

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  • Us and them, the changing attitudes and perspectives of the incarcerated.

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  • New Pathaways in Hostage Negotiations

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