Law Enforcement Communities and Counter-Terrorism

How law enforcement communities understand counter-terrorism in tactical and strategical situations
is the key aspect of this research. This was part of my PhD research, originally I have planned this
research as part of an investigation into the law enforcement subculture.
 Hostage Negotiations in New Terroristic and Barricaded Situations 


This project mainly investigates and formulate a strategical guide for the police and counter-terrorism
negotiators to deal with barricaded situations with the present day terrorists. Post 9/11 terrorists who
are propelled by religious and political ideologies are the main focus of the study.

  Just War in Contemporary Religious Doctrines

Bellum Justum in non-Christian religious scriptures and its comparison with the original just war
theory is a project I have undertaken in this academic study.

 Us and Them: A Study on Detainees in Detention Centres

I have worked on this as a part of a criminological article. The primary object of this study is to understand
the psychological aspects and behavioural changes of the inmates in detention centres. Inmates who are
detained for non-criminal offences like immigration irregularities and civil disorders are the subjects in this study.

 Aienation in Ethnic Minorities in the United Kingdom

Under this investigation, the main focus is to udnerstand the attitudes of ethnic minorities and their
level of integration towards the host country. This is an enormous research that took more than seven years
 and more than 12000 participant observations, interactions,  and interviews.

Islamic-Martyrology and Modern

This study investigates how Islamic martyrology used by the modern terrorists to recruit and strategize.
Originally this study began as a part of my PhD however, its scope is larger than a single section of
any type of research.

These are a few of my projects I am currently working on. This page will be updated with the progress
of the projects.