Nestled between the Western Ghats - the Sahyādri mountain ranges and the Arabian Sea, lies the pristine and exotic Kerala. If you've a map, look for the southern tip of India. Though one of the smallest states, yet it adorned a number of "firsts" in India. Highest literacy rate, lowest positive population growth, highest sex ratio,*  highest media exposure, highest life expectancy, highest Human Development Index (HDI) and when it comes to the "lowest" Kerala has its own proud share too. Lowest homicide rates, lowest infant mortality rates, lowest population growth  in India and much more.

According to Bill McKibben Kerala is an anomaly in the developing world, with its great potential to lead India into a prosperous future, this small state has many unique features. Sadly, some of them are not a Keralite would be proud of. According to a news report Kerala guzzles alcohol worth £ 8968000000 (yes, that's not Indian Rupees, but in pounds, so at the least you needed to add another two zeros with that figure). Kerala once had the highest suicide rates, now thanks to Sikkim and Tamil Nadu Kerala comes to the third. However, Quilon (Kollam) is ranked second among Indian cities in suicides, behind Jabalpur (Madhya Pradesh.

Still, when it comes to Kerala, it is a marvel to behold, which can make any Indian proud. It was a great sanctuary for Jews escaping from persecution. A place where early Christians going to the church while in Rome Christians were persecuted. Kerala still presents itself as an exemplary model of religious harmony. Hindus, Christians, Muslims and Jews live together in perfect harmony.

National Geographic Travel selected Kerala as "one of the 50 must see destinations of a lifetime ”  and later "one of the 10 paradises of the World” not just because of its natural beauty but because of the healthy tourism, religious and artistic diversity, advanced lifestyle which embrace both modernity and traditionalism. Kerala is unique in every perspective - pristine and exotic.

* 1,083 women per 1000 men - indicating no selective prenatal sex discernment and no selective abortion or infanticide

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